What does our creative process look like?

We follow our process of discover, design and develop.To provide both flexibility and momentum.

Studiolama web services
  1. Discover


    • The discovery phase is nothing but a process in which we gather important information and relevant insights to incorporate into our design process.
    • It’s our lucid way to look at complicated problem statements and find elegant solutions for the same. Based on our research and findings, we get a clear idea of how to craft digital experiences that are ought to win hearts and leave a mark.

    Business Goals

    Identify the use cases and unique selling propositions attached to them.

    User Requirements

    Analyze what a target user expects from the end product, be it an easy-to-navigate dashboard or an enhanced digital experience.

    Market Research

    Obsess over critical data and exhaustive insights based on industry standards and heuristic approaches to research.

  2. Design


    • We make our clients fall in love with our design before their target audience falls in love with their products and services.
    • After our rigorous and iterative discovery process, we deliver futuristic and foolproof design solutions that are scalable and perfectly align with the business goals.

    Information Architecture

    The traction on a website or an app is directly dependent on how well it is built. We design impeccable blueprints that make navigation effortless.


    We graciously knit and polish blueprints for your idea that reflects the skeletal framework and acts as a visual guide.

    Visual Design

    Ensure intuitiveness in every single design that we deliver.

    Prototype and Test

    A design alone is never enough. A working prototype is quintessential to performing market validation and quickly testing the features.

  3. Develop


    • Our tech - savvy team of competitive developers works around the clock to build unforgettable products that are pixel - perfect and help the business scale.
    • We use agile methodologies to build flawless end - products, which seamlessly integrate every new feature.

    Front-End Development

    With the help of the latest web technologies, we turn designs into responsive and functional interfaces for users to have a real - time experience.

    Back-End Development

    We build and maintain backend infrastructure, implement powerful logic and integrate functionalities that are essential to your website / applications.

    Quality Assurance

    A continuous cycle of acquiring feedback to help companies scale and adapt to the ever - changing industry landscape.